Monday, April 28, 2008

Das Boot

Rural America was rocked by an invasion of 'small prickly things' over the weekend. Near panic was reported in several small towns as residents dealt with the infestation of unearthly pods. One rural resident was disgusted by their appearance, and refused to touch them.

Smells like. . .

My guess would be the coffee break room at the neighborhood Victoria's Secret.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Floral fauna trumpets Spring

Gardeners everywhere are rejoicing as Mother Nature fires her first magical load, and the countryside is dotted in color and fresh air. Proof evident is this champion Maltese pup, taking pause to inhale some of that rare air.

All of this madness is conducted under the watchful eye of the kingdom's noble steed, Doc.

Things appear from ground

Happy Spring time. In what appears to be divine intervention or Chernobyl backlash, snow has finally left the Midwestern United States and small items are growing from the soil. Proof evident, this trio of flowers and a singular snail nearby. One longs for a garlic butter sauce and that strange spoon that looks like something you would find in a bikers saddle bag.