Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Tummy

Happy Holidays and welcome to the season of wretched excess. My stomach feels much like the little furry rat in the above photo. I hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. The end of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and I would like to suggest that 'this year' we celebrate the season with regular orations of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, culminating with the acclaimed "Christ Climbed Down" on Christmas eve. A befitting slap in the face to the last bastion of bastions.

My latest seasonal hype is Lou Rawls holiday classic, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Although recorded in the mid 60's, solid charts and some major league jazz musicians make this one of the 'best' holiday albums of all time. Treating the classics with a contemporary reverence, original holiday music with a strong blues back bone helps compliment the entire package. It brings back memories of great times, great people, and warm holidays after all those years.

Sid Hartha
Sitting still is still worth sitting still for.

Holiday Greetings and glad tidings to all


The blogger said...

Lawrence Ferlinghetti?
Fred, are you Buddhist?

Tony Clark said...

Hey Fred,

What do you raise at Poison Ivy acres in SW Michigan-Almost Indiana?