Sunday, May 18, 2008


A hush fell over the woods in rural America, as this fire eyed bandito skulked around in quest of something delicious. It's eyes were blazing because the light was fading and the auto flash decided the capture needed the extra light. His silky gray coat glistened in the waning light as he pointed himself in the direction of the bird feeder suspended on a steel post. Now I know who the mysterious culprit is who has single handedly bent the post to the ground on more than one occasion.

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Just Two Words said...

Fred, so glad I ran across your blog and website (great pix by the way).

I returned to my place of birth here in St. Joseph (MI) just last September and telecommuting now (love that new commute).

I'm looking forward to Monday and the WLS rewind (and caught some of it last year).

I was in high school during the 70's listening to WLS and you. Never did win any of those contests requiring fast finger dialing, but looking forward to hearing you guys hit the airwaves (and hopefully that retro WLS radio contest jingle music).

So great to hear all you guys again (and have been streaming WZZN too).

Joe in St. Joseph MI