Thursday, June 19, 2008

Insects dentino
He wore black denim trousers, and motorcycle boots
a black leather jacket, with an eagle on the back.
He had a hopper-cycle that took off like a gun,
he was the terror of highway 101 - The Cheers 1955

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Tom said...

Wow, what great photos!

I'm the Chaplain of a 100 bed nursing home in Muskegon, MI, Sanctuary at McAuley. I also run the closed circuit tv channel there, (much like a hotel channel with "todays events, birthdays, menu, etc.).

I wonder if I could ask you to please allow me to use these great photos in between the announcements on ths channel?

I'd be glad to give credit however you'd llike.

We have a 10 thousand song 40's/50's music collection that plays the Big band, Sinatra, Jo Stafford, etc. audio.

I'm 58. In 10 years when I arrive as a RESIDENT the elders will be asking for Louie Louie!

Your help would be appreciated. I grew up in Chicago, and visited you a few times at FYR. I also iived in Rensselaer, IN for 20 years.
Deacon Tom