Tuesday, September 3, 2013

  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  ~Leonardo DaVinci


The EQ Alert Guy said...

Awesome Blog!!! Great Photography!!!
You must get tons of hits and looks like you DO NOT have Google "Ad Sense"? I put Google Ads on my EQ Blog and took time to accumulate, but one day I got 900 hits on one blog entry, somebody retweeted it or something and got my first check for $104.25 b/c they pay when it hits a hundred!!! Already got like $25 towards next check since June!
Writing today to tell you I will be doing "EQ Radio Show" on WORT-FM 89.9 and wortfm.org on Sept. 30 at 7pm! All movies I worked on in Chicago and Hollywood and all earthquakes I've been in, etc. Thank-You for listening and I will keep trying to listen to you in return:))) Always, EQ Guy

The EQ Alert Guy said...

Here's Wishing You All The Best! Take Good Care of Yourself, Freddy!!!!!

The EQ Alert Guy said...
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The EQ Alert Guy said...

Fred! You guys might also make use of this You Tube channel @ http://www.youtube.com/user/animalstories

It is available and you can also put AdSense Google ads there and potentially produce a lot of income!

Also, please feel free to delete all these messages after you read them since they are just posted here to reach you:) You may use my E-Mail to reply me at moviestar@csinet.net

Good Luck, Fred!!!