Friday, March 16, 2007

Horse bite

A very painful condition, of course, considering that each horse tooth is the size of Aaron Neville's mole. We spent some time at a horse ranch, run by the King of Spain's former head horse dude. He looked like he was well on his way to become Gabby Hayes like.

Who is that man in the gold ball? Amusing myself as Suzanne shopped, wishing for more beer and wretched excess, then I saw myself in the amazing golden balls. See if you can find the Freddo's.

The flowers flourish down here when properly watered and cared for. Most hotels and villas have magnificent gardens, and this is where I found this stunning example.

Finally, I really don't know why this buzzard kept following me around, but it was starting to make me nervous. An omen from a Brujo? No, more likely the beef jerky in my camera bag.

1 comment:

Deb said...

Hey Fred,

I found you in the gold balls!!!

I have actually been bitten by a horse on my arm. I thought that he had ripped it off of my shoulder. Found out he never even broke the skin. What a bruise though! Those teeth are dangerous!!!

Glad that you are having fun south of the border!