Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Leaving Dodge

As the mercury soars to near 70 degrees here in Chicago, we anxiously await the weekend and the low 30's. This is why we're packing and heading to Cabo San Lucas, the tip of the Baja Peninsula in beautiful Mexico.
It's costly, trendy, and doesn't have to be that way if you know your way around. The most difficult thing to find is a decent bottle of wine that doesn't cost a mortgage payment. Oh, you'll find a few places with great cellars, but count on outrageous dollars. Restaurants spread the gamut from a to z. From a seafood taco joint on Medano Beach, where you can watch the world parade by, to Charlie Trotter in the very posh, one-and-only, Palmilla.
It is a great time to vacate Dodge for the hospitality, Sol Beer, and relaxation of Mexico!

Cabo San Lucas is the newer city and Cabo San Jose is the old town where most of the locals, who run the thriving touristo business reside. The lengthy road between them is called the Corridor and is a vast expanse of seaside hotels and condos for miles and miles. Los Cabos is the number one fishing destination in the world with their world famous derby running in the fall every year.
Getting in the spirit of Cabo, I delved into some captures made in 2001. They'll be running until it's vacation time in just a few short few days.

I took this shot inside a galleria in downtown Cabo San Jose and was captivated immediately upon entering. At first, I thought it may have been the tequila based cocktails enjoyed at lunch, but never mind that. This is one of my favorite shots taken down there.

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